Hear From The People:

Students rave about the FFZ Mentoring Program and how it has helped them to become more successful in school, sports, and life. What really speaks to the success of FFZ is that parents, teachers, and staff in various communities have noted the positive impact of FFZ on the youth involved. View comments below, and parent testimonials to learn how FFZ is changing lives for the better…

“I love that FFZ is goal-driven and my son is constantly reminded to do and be his best. My son is seeking summer employment, where he can apply the work ethic and social skills learned in FFZ classes. As a single mother raising a male child, I rate this program as priceless.”                      –Robin Elliott, parent

“As a parent, I am pleased that my son is much more informed about life choices and consequences. Academically, he is doing well and has improved in World Cultures, English, and Algebra. I am grateful for the support and positive influence of great people. The mentoring experience continues to be rewarding.   ” —Wendy Pendleton, parent

“The Founding Fatherz mentoring program is an incredible program that teaches young males self-advocacy skills and how to work with peers and teachers. The program has been utilized by many students that I work with on a daily basis. I have seen a great difference with students who utilize this program consistently. Students learn how to respect themselves and others and are more able to make progress with their education and life experiences due to this wonderful program. Students who attend this program are learning how to take responsibility for their actions along with becoming independent members of their community.”   Philip Cohen, CHS teacher

“Since my son has been in the program, his attitude about school has changed…he is looking into different colleges…(he) is learning how to become a leader…he is learning how to make good choices in life to become a great young man. This program has given me back my son.”                     – Lisa Parker, parent

“My son has spent  time with Founding Fatherz and then took a break. The time FFZ spent with my son has had such a positive impact that it is undeniable that the program was what he needed and enjoyed. He found a toy his mentor had given him and described to me what a great time they shared.  He asked me to call his mentor so he could start spending time with him again. He looks up to Vaughn. I am a proud single Mom because now my son has a positive role model and prefers to spend time with FFZ. Exposure to good role models gave my son the ability to discern.  Thank you Founding Fatherz. ” –-Camille Grubbs

 “As a guidance counselor at CHS for the past 15 years, I am happy to say that it is extremely exciting to see one of our former students return and have a major impact assisting us in mentoring and retaining our young African American students. Mr. Tinsley has shown determination, drive and commitment to Cheltenham High School. I hope that he will continue his quest to help mentor the future generation of young men to come out of our schools.                                                                  ” — Leon B. Walker, guidance counselor

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