Volume 3, Issue 4 Founding Fatherz Magazine Titled “Black History Is Every Month”

Founding Fatherz Magazine has publishes 5 Issues Per Volume. Our magazine is published bi-monthly and released on the 16th.  FFZ Magazine was established June 16, 2011. The first issued published was Titled “Does Every Teacher Know If Their Student Has A Father?” Since then there has been interviews with many entrepreneurs, pro-athletes, fathers and other men and woman that want to see our future generations become more productive. Some of those names include: Executive Director of TURN, Phil Lord, Memphis Grizzles Marreese Speights, Lauren Camper,Legendary Dr. Ben Carson, Lisa Hang, Derrick Johnson, “And 1 Mixtapes” Aaron Owens-Aka-”AO”, Mike Morak, Temple University Hall OF Fame Marc Jackson and many more.

Recently our 3rd Volume, Issue 4, “Black History Is Every Month Part 2″ Will be Published June 16, 2014. This will be a follow up from last years idea that history is made not only every year, but every month, every day and one could say in the words of Morgan Freeman “Black History Is American History”.
Picture 166Golden State Warriors Marreese Speights and Founding Fatherz Mentee


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  1. Can you tell us more about this? I’d love to find out more

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