Our History

Founding Fatherz Mentoring Program
(FFZ) was launched in March 2012 at Cheltenham High School (CHS) and Cedarbrook Middle School in the School District of Cheltenham Township (SDCT). Founder Vaughn Tinsley’s goal in establishing FFZ was to help students go from at-risk to at-opportunity. Targeting students with absent fathers who would benefit from his multidisciplinary approach to mentoring, Tinsley has worked with teachers, administrators, and parents to support youth academic, social and emotional development. Tinsley, a CHS alumnus and current CHS assistant boys basketball coach, conducts school-based mentoring comprised of curriculum-driven  lessons in life skills and social justice, athletic activities, field trips, coaching, and academic tutoring. In addition to the FFZ Mentoring Program, Tinsley publishes Founding Fatherz Magazine. A non-profit organization, FFZ is supported by grants and charitable donations.

Picture 466Founding Fatherz Takes A Trip To Washington, D.C. For President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration. See The Video  Now Here Is The Link:http://youtu.be/uyQRgFw90ps

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